1. why i hate shopping for plus size clothes

    1. Clothing designers: listen fatty, you clearly don't give a shit about yourself so why not wear this burlap sack (available in leopard print) with the word 'diva' across the front in glitter. that's good enough for you, fatty. right? oh and that sack is like $40 more than regular clothes bc clearly your fat ass has money bc you eat so much. ps we hate you

  2. tessmunster:

    I’m so tired of hearing women, fellow models, and the industry/media complain about the word ‘plus size’. What’s wrong with it?! We ARE plus size and hell if they didn’t put that term in stores I wouldn’t even know where to find my tiny little section of clothing that fits me. If you are plus size, own it, be proud of who you are, your body & where it has taken you, & please stop the hate. We aren’t glorifying obesity, we aren’t fetishes, and isn’t taboo to like us.


  4. danisnottouchingbutts:

    i wish platonic kissing was a thing like “hey friend you’re feeling sad let’s makeout”

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  5. georgecuntstanza:

    Banks // Are You That Somebody (Aaliyah cover)


  6. I really like the concept of bondage. 


  7. I am definitely not in this video: ( Just kidding I am.

  8. lukafisher:

    Mixed media sketch by Luka Fisher. 


  9. swolizard:

    Doing the right thing isn’t even fucking hard to do. Stop letting yourself go out of your own god damn way to fuck yourself up. Eat that good shit you know you’re fucking supposed to. Read that fucking book you know you’re going to have to cite. Walk with your fucking head held high and smile when you make eye contact with people. And don’t be a fucking cunt dick or asshole to fucking people just to make yourself feel better. Its that simple

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